WGT - Wave Gotik Treffen - 2005

I'm putting this page together again as a place to collect everyone's data so I don't keep asking "where are you staying?" over and over  :-)  and hopefully so people can print it out and have everyone's hotel address, contact numbers all on one page.   The 2nd page will be everyone's band picks, I'm starting to think that is going to be even more chaos than last year.

Hotel List

Who Where Address Hotel Phone # Room #
Scott [pic] [pic] Novotel [website]    Goethestraße 11
Leipzig D-04109
+49 341-99580 Room # 505
Alistair  [pic] [pic] Sleepy Lion  [website] Kaethe-Kollwitz-Str. 3 +49 341 9939480 ?
Christine  [pic] [pic] Novotel [website] Goethestraße 11 +49 341-99580 ?
Bones & Sik
  [Novakill website]
Playing : Saturday 18:10 @ Agra ? ?
Danielle  [pic] Renaissance [website] Grosser Brockhaus 3 +49 341-12920 ?
Charles  [pic]   [pic]
[Angel Theory website]
Staying :
Playing : Sunday 19.40-20.30 @ Parkbühne

Map : Hotel / Inner City Map [126k]- This year I promise to do a better map showing where everyone is staying.  :-)

Arrival Times

Who When Contact Option
Scott Wednesday 11th May - LH 1116, 12:05pm LEJ SMS +1-646-549-4185
Short Email : 16465494185@tmomail.net
Long Email : scott_mobile@golby.com
Alistair Saturday Checking into global roaming
Christine Thursday 12th May via Berlin around 12:00 ?
Bones & Sik Friday morning via Prague
Danielle Friday morning via Prague ?
Charles Friday evening at 7.30pm from Amsterdam

Contact option is a way to specify how to get in touch with this person while at WGT.  Last year we used SMS to great sucess, some had global roaming enabled, some had German Mobile Phones, lot cheaper a 10c/25c SMS than $1-$2 per minute for global roaming - also you can't hear in a concert anyway!

Meet Up

Wed : I'm going to be in town, not sure who else will be ?
Thur : 5pm @ the Renaissance Hotel Bar  [Grosser Brockhaus 3 - Right hand side of this Map ].    The American's in Leipzig dinner is 7:30pm Thursday, hopefully we can double the 5 Australian's there last year [See the back right of this pic]    There is a group leaving from the Renaissance at 6:45pm to walk to dinner, then last year after dinner we went as a group to get our tickets & wristbands for the festival.
Sat : 5pm somewhere?  or 1am Sun somewhere ?  As a lot of people aren't getting in until Fri/Sat it is looking like we'll need to examine the band time table and pick an additional meet-up time
Sun : IKON CD Party at


Band Times : http://www.wave-gotik-treffen.de/english/programm.php  

[*** Not current for 2005 - I'll do this again once the details are posted - Quick Summary of Parkbühne - agra hall - Werk II hall A  which are 3 of the major venues.]

Band Samples : DJ Arcanus' List : http://devi.ennui.net/~tony/wgt05/
Band Links : WGT Forum     Althea's Description List

   Bands to see Lists :

Scott :
   Must See :
Angel Theory, Das Ich, Die Krupps, Ikon, Novakill, Tanzwut, The Skeletal Family, Zeraphine.
   Would Like to See :
Apoptygma Berzerk, ASP, Darkwell, Eva 0, Hocico, I, Synthesist, Melotron.
   If it can be done :
Despair, Flint Glass, Mortiis, Scream Silence, Visage.

Friday 21:00 - Ikon
Werk II
22:10 - Girls Under Glass
Werk II

  22:45 - Apoptygma

  00:30 - Die Krupps
Saturday 15:15 - Darkwell
Haus Auensee
18:10 - Novakill
19:40 - Das Ich
21:00 - Zeraphine
22:50 - Hocico
Sunday 18:20 - Eva O
19:00 - I, Synthesist
Haus Auensee
19:40 - Angel Theory
22:00 - Melotron
Haus Auensee
00:45 - Human League
Monday 18:00 - Despair
Haus Auensee
18:40 - Skeletal Family
21:50 - Tanzwut

Alistair :
Must See :
The Human League
   If it can be done : Visage, Angel Theory, Ikon, Novakill.

Christine :
   Must See :
Apoptygma Berzerk, Angel Theory, Diary of Dreams, Eva O, Zeromancer, The Human League, Tiamat, Mortis.

Danielle :
   Must See :
Apoptygma Berzerk, Hocico, Human League, This Morn' Omnia, MS Gentur.
   Would Like to See : Neuroticfish, Accessory, Lights Of Euphoria, Haujobb,  Inade, Eva 0, Die Krupps, The Skeletal Family, Love Is Colder Than Death, Zeromancer.
   If it can be done :
Visage, Girls Under Glass, & based purely on names: Astrovamps, Bloody Dead & Sexy, Scary Bitches.

: Ikon, Die Krupps, Hocico, Visage, Human League, & Haujobb.

Version #1e - 2005-05-04