Tokyo - Staying : Yotsuya Tokyu Stay Hotel (review)    Arrive : 6:40am Friday    Depart : 6pm Tuesday     Days: 5

My Tokyo plans have changed radically from when I first decided to go.  Originally I found the around the world ticket could get me to Tokyo for the same price if I went first thing but it didn't work on the way home after L.A.    So I decided originally I would go for just 2 days, get off the plane, get some Yakitori & some Teriyaki and get back on the plane.  Then I found out the date for a club which is only on once every 3 months and reorganised my plans, staying for 5 days in Tokyo.

26/07/2002 - Friday                     Pics Page #1   Pics page now has descriptions of each photo.

tokyo-03-view-from-room.jpg (4043 bytes)Pic 03 - Yotsuya, Tokyo - the view from the Hotel towards Tokyo. (Hotel Review here)
Tokyo has no one "CBD" type of city centre, it is basically 5 major 'towns' (for want of a better word) in a big ring around the Imperial Palace.  Where I stayed was called Yotsuya is basically in the middle of that ring, slightly to the west of the Imperial Palace.
The first thing I did was walk around the local streets which were quite interesting, small shops, including a whole hardware store in a shop the size of a terrace house.
The Hotel room was excellent, if your looking for a place to stay in Tokyo I would recommend it, I have done a detailed Review.

tokyo-05-shinjuku-station-ppl.jpg (3632 bytes)tokyo-06-shinjuku-station-tickets.jpg (3888 bytes)Pic 05 & 06 - Shinjuku Station - worlds busiest, depending which info you read 1 million or 2 million people pass through it each day.   The station is like Wynyard, times at least five.   There are multiple split levels of shops, ramps going up, down and everywhere.


tokyo-08-shibuya.jpg (4212 bytes)Pic 08 - Shibuya, very busy party area, lots of people.  As all trains stop running at midnight I like it seemed a hundred thousand other people dashed for the train at 11:30pm.


First Pics
Don't laugh, the digital camera in my laptop only does 640x480 (0.3 Megapixels, yeah its a bit of a joke), I will have print and scan the real pictures first. Hotel looking east (64k), west (57k), room (52k).   Tokyo Pics Dir

27/07/2002 - Saturday         More pictures from this day are available on Pics Page #2   Pics Page #3

tokyo-09-harajuku-takeshita-dori.jpg (4483 bytes)Pic 09 - Harajuku Takeshita Dori.  This is the 'hip' area of Tokyo a little like Newtown/Fitzroy/Camden. Greenwich/Melrose.

tokyo-10-harajuku-goth-shop.jpg (4802 bytes)Pic 10 - Shop on Takeshita Dori.


tokyo-11-electric-town-street.jpg (4590 bytes)
Pic 11 - Going to go for a look at Akihabara "Electric Town".   Pics from my laptop 1,2,3,4     
Electric Town Video - 710k - Windows Media format.  If you are on a modem, save the file to disk, it will take about 2-3 minutes to download.  It should stream over a 256k/384k DSL.

tokyo-15-tgoth-ppl-show.jpg (3933 bytes)Pic 15 - Tokyo Goth & Darkwave #4 was an amazing experience, I have created a sub-page here with more info. 



28/07/2002 - Sunday     More pictures from this day are available on Pics Page #3

tokyo-24-harajuku-goth-bridge.jpg (4250 bytes)Pic 24 - Harajuku bridge visual key kids.  For the 3rd time I was back in Harajuku, this time to check out the Sunday crowd.  Teenagers dress in weird get up and hang out on the bridge.

There is also a beautiful shine just over the bridge.


tokyo-27-goth-bar-2.jpg (2875 bytes)Goth Bar - Very typical Japanese bar in size, a corner seat which would hold 6 people (elf size) and 6 bar stools.  Checkout the sub-page for more info.


Finding Money - this is no joke in Tokyo, ATM's are not open 24x7 and few will take Visa/Mastercard/Plus.  CitiBank I found was the best answer, their Plus connection actually worked, which means you could withdraw from a normal bank account, rather than cash advance from a credit card.  I would highly recommend making a list of all the CitiBank locations near where you are travelling.


29/07/2002 - Monday      More pictures from this day are available on Pics Page #4    Pics Page #5

tokyo-29-sony-building.jpg (3158 bytes)Ginza - Sony Building & Showroom.  Ginza Train Station. 

tokyo-35-imperial-palace-2-moat.jpg (2643 bytes)Imperial Palace - I walked from a nearby train station to the Palace which has a large moat around it.   

tokyo-36-yasukuni-shrine-gate.jpg (2490 bytes)Yasukuni Shinto shrine - this is where the Japanese WWII dead were remembered.   General Tojo's ashes are apparently there somewhere but I was unable to find where.

CD shopping & Yakitori in Shinjuku.  Cold CD Store.

30/07/2002 - Tuesday     More pictures from this day are on Pics Page #5

tokyo-41-food-7-11.jpg (3686 bytes)    Leaving Tokyo.  Universal constant, food at the 7-11 store.


09/11/2002 - Tokyo Pics Dir finally has most of my pictures uploaded to it.  I've still got to spin a web page around it, I'd take some recommendations on a good simple thumbnail making program, one that understands sideways thumbnails would be 120x80 and upright ones 80x120, and not try to squash the images into one set shape/ratio.