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Pictures are 600x400 jpg - around 40k-60k each - 15-25 seconds to download via 56k Modem.

Yasukuni Shrine : The gates to the main Shinto shrine in Tokyo.  This was a important place for "State Shinto" during WWII.

Yasukuni Shrine : 2.5 million Japanese war dead are remembered here.

Yasukuni Shrine : General Tojo is buried somewhere in there, I wasn't able to find where exactly.  From what I could translate there was a Y1,000 donation for something to do with the important war dead enshrined within.

Shinjuku :  Tokyo Government office building.  As mentioned Tokyo does not have a specific city centre, so the Govt offices are on the otherside of the city from Tokyo Railway station.

Shinjuku : Nick & I were looking for the Cold CD Store, amazingly we found it, there are no street names in Tokyo.  After such hard work we needed some Yakitori.

Airport 7-11 Store : Even though the food is Japanese, it still looks the same as in a 24 hour store  anywhere else in the world.  Sushi & noodle equivalents of the Hero roll are on display, looking like they expired 2 days before.   UDL




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