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Ginza : Buildings are pretty amazing in Tokyo.  This building is 1 Terrace House wide!  I saw a number which were 8-10 floors tall and as wide as a Surry Hills Terrace.  Most buildings don't touch each other either, unlike Terrace houses.

Sony : Their 8 story building is basically a big showroom with every Sony product in it.  Watch out for the Playstation level, even on a Monday in the middle of the day it was full of kids.

Sony : Plenty of models that will never be seen outside Japan.

Sony : I gather Sony has a TV Station.

Sony : Each level has a Cafe, this on is on the 8th floor and looks out over Ginza.

Ginza : The Ginza train station is the intersection for a number of train lines.   While the map may show everything coming into one point, you make have to walk several blocks underground to get to another line.

Ginza : I have circled the signs showing the different line colours at Ginza.

Imperial Palace : Even when going to the Palace you have to deal with the Tokyo traffic.

Imperial Palace : There are very few ways across the moat and the defence walls are pretty impressive.

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