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Pictures are 600x400 jpg - around 40k-60k each - - 15-25 seconds to download via 56k Modem.

TG&D #4 : Shrine.  I have a copy of their CD if anyone wants to check it out.

TG&D #4 : Outside (blurry).  Universal constant, goths hanging around outside leaning on a rail.

TG&D #4 : Mushi

TG&D #4 : Very odd, some of the girls were dressed in traditional kimonos, while talking to their friends in more typical dress.

Fast food Y390 special, I'm sure the girl at the counter asked me "do you want fries with that", but as I don't speak Japanese.  :-)

The famous "goth bridge" at Harajuku.  Its really a bunch of 15 year old kids dressed in wacky outfits.  Some are 'goth', most are just out there.

Harajuku : This is the contrast with Harajuku, on one side of the road is the previous picture, turn around and you see this ancient shrine.

Goth Bar : The barman & Nick at the Kuro Neko (Black Cat) bar in Takadanobaba.   The bar is on the 4th floor, go past the AM, look up for the sign a couple of buildings down on the left.  Website.

Goth Bar : Its so small there are 6 seats at the bar & a corner bench seat shown here (left) which sits at best 6 more people.  Yep 12 people in total, + standing.  There is a table charge of Y1,000.

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