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Pictures are 600x400 jpg - around 40k-60k each - 15-25 seconds to download via 56k Modem.

Harajuku : Richard's Goth Clothing shop, half way down Takeshita Dori. 
This is where the catalogs I sent/showed lots of people came from. (Alistair has a scan somewhere)

Electric Town (Akihabara) : 5 level high electronics shops selling everything from PC parts to kitchen appliances.  Electric Town Movie 720k WinMedia

The parts rabbit warren.  6 foot tall roof, under which you could buy any part I could think off, ICs, switches, caps, etc.  Most vendors only sold one type of part, so you would see a 2m wide table of just throw switches.

Vending Machines are everywhere in Tokyo.
Recognise the green drink ?  Closeup

Harajuku : Snoopy shop, big shop where they sell Snoopy everything, including Ice Cream (Y110).

Tokyo Goth & Darkwave #4 : It was quite an adventure making it to the show.

TG&D #4 : The program was a bit of a blur, like the photo.

TG&D #4 : Japanese Band called Shrine.  Cross Sisters of Mercy with Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  Very good.

TG&D #4 : Shrine, they were the 2nd last band upstairs and came on about 5am!

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