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I stayed at the Tokyu Stay Hotel in Yotsuya.  They have around 9 hotels in Tokyo to see the others go to the Tokyu Homepage.

tokyo-03-view-from-room.jpg (4043 bytes)     Pic 03 - View from the Hotel - east towards Tokyo.    shinjuku-dori-west2.jpg (3545 bytes) View west towards Shinjuku.    

I was very impressed with this hotel.
Location : The hotel's location is excellent, it is 3 easy blocks from Yotsuya train station, that station is on 3 different train lines, which is very important in Tokyo where the idea of hiring a car is close to insane. 

tokyo-02-room.jpg (2959 bytes)Room : The room I had was 20m2 which is compact in size, but the Japanese are masters at space conservation, the room had features like no other. 

Cost : For this room it was A$150/US$75 per night.   The hotel has various sizes and ones without a kitchen.

Train Line Notes : Yotsuya is on 2 subway lines (Marunouchi (Red) & Namboku (Green)) and on the JR Rail Chou line.  This means it is very easy to get anywhere.

tokyu_stay_logo.gif (2232 bytes)Finding the Hotel : The only criticism I had of the hotel was when I arrived, I walked right past it, which wasn't fun dragging 2 bags.    At ground level it is very hard to see, there is only a small sign, around 1 foot square of the Tokyu Stay chain green/blue logo and what looks like office automatic sliding doors.  Reception is not on ground level, so you have to go in the doors and up to the 1st/3rd floor.  Check their map, the little 3 dot things on their map are the traffic lights.  Look up, the Tokyu Stay logo is on the top of the building.   Once you have the location, everything is great.

Breakfast : This is quite funny, the included breakfast is served downstairs at like a 24 hour Denny's store, basically you get toast and a drink.  This is probably one of the better ways of finding the hotel as its above the Jonathan's and near the 24 hour store.  (neither are actually a Denny's or a 7-11, but generic versions of the same thing)

Internet :  Ethernet LAN access is provided in the rooms.  The speed was good, it felt like some type of DSL (1.5Mbps?) when I was using it.  If you get the instructions and see some notes/corrections in English they might be mine - the instructions read like Japanese VCR instructions from 10 years ago.  :-)   The instructions on their webpage are better than the printed ones at the front desk.  Note the SMTP mail server setting, that is the thing you will probably need to change to send EMail from a Laptop mail

Recommendation : The hotel was very good, if your staying in Tokyo it comes highly recommended.

Hotel homepage : Yotsuya Tokyu Stay Hotel

    Looking around the Room : movies/tokyo-01-room.wmv  (1244k)
    The LAN connection : movies/tokyo-02-lan.wmv   (517k)
    Look outside : movies/tokyo-03-outside.wmv   (1882k)