M'era Luna 2002

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Mera Luna is a Goth/Industrial/EBM Music Festival with 40 bands from all around the world.  Its held in Germany, just outside a town called Hildesheim, which is near Hannover.  Here is the Bands List.mera-luna-douglas-montag-thumb.jpg (5057 bytes)

Originally I was looking for stuff to do after selling A.R. Internet, I wouldn't make WGT in Leipzig, which Montag & Douglas had planned to go to, as it was before the end of my contract with the new owners.  I choose Mera Luna and asked David Clark (who is now living in L.A.) if he wanted to come.  Douglas injured his eye and wasn't able to fly to Germany for WGT, luckily he had travel insurance and he & Montag rebooked for Mera Luna.  Here Douglas & Montag are lining up for their wristbands .   (Montag's pics page is now online)

David flew in from L.A. but didn't get there until 1:30am on Saturday morning, about a day later than expected, so headed up to the festival without him.  We caught the bus up to Disperdent and walked across to the Flugplatz, that took 25 minutes (10 in the bus, 15 walking), there is no way its 15 minutes walk from Hildesheim.mera-luna-tents-thumb.jpg (3421 bytes)

The first thing that hits you as you walk towards to area were the stages are is the sea of tents, this is why they hold it at an Airport! We weren't staying in a Tent though, we stayed in the town itself in the Hotel Schweizerhof which was really good, 64 Euro a night including a big buffet breakfast.

We were there early to Zeraphine (ex Dreadful Shadows) who were really good.  There were probably around 1,000 people watching and we thought "yeah we will find David no problem".  At the end of Zeraphine there were probably 3,000 people around.  After that we saw The Cascades who are very old style goth, quite good.

We wandered around a bit, there were around 100 stalls selling clothes, jewellery, CDs and all types of things.  We went and saw Angels & Agony in the Hanger (2nd Stage area) but they weren't my thing so I wandered off, by doing so I caught the start of Tanzwut who are a really odd band, sort of Industrial with Bagpipes!   They really reved up the crowd. 

We checked out Sulpher and then  headed back to the Hanger for the first of the "must see" bands for the day Assemblage23.mera-luna-assemblage23-thumb.jpg (3147 bytes)   The Hanger was totally packed and we got about 15 rows of people from the front.  A23 is normally one guy but he was supported by 2 other people playing keyboard which allowed Tom to roam the stage.  The performance was amazing, he played all his good songs, ending with Disappoint.  Now A23 were the first band David really wanted to see so we were over there early staking out the entrance, no sign of him and with the crowd getting ever bigger, it was looking grim.

After A23 we saw In Extremo and The 69 Eyes and then it started to rain, I headed over to the Hanger and caught the end of Blutengel and the start of Hocico.   The rain was still coming down when VNV Nation started, they were very good but I was having to shelter under the edge of one of the drinks tents.   Half way through the VNV Nation set, the rain suddenly stopped just before they played the song "Standing".  I got within about 20m of the hanger door for Suicide Commando but didn't get to see them.

The rain held off for the headline act of the first day, Sisters of Mercy.  What can I say about them, they are a classic, but its a bit like seeing Elvis in Las Vegas years after their prime.  Unfortunately you get the feeling they didn't rehearse and we spent a lot of the time trying to work out what the songs actually were - not good.  Eldritch did say one funny thing, he said "Please be upstanding for the National Anthem" just before playing Dominion/Mother Russia which was funny.   They played Temple of Love right at the end of the set in the encore.

We left wondering a) where the hell David was  and b) how we were going to get back seeing it was after midnight.  Very smart Cab drivers in Hildesheim were all heading towards the concert location, we caught one quite easy and it was only 7 Euro into town.  When we got out of the cab at the Hotel, there was David.mera-luna-funker-vogt-thumb.jpg (4939 bytes)


On the 2nd Day we saw Elusive who were very good, then out to the Main Stage to see Funker Vogt.  

mera-luna-das-ich-thumb.jpg (4578 bytes)Das Ich were on a little later in the Hanger, we got there fairly early and you can see here in this picture just how far back we were.    

Douglas, Montag & David with the ankle deep water.  mera-luna-douglas-montag-david-thumb.jpg (5314 bytes)

mera-luna-ikon1-thumb.jpg (4026 bytes)Ikon were on the Main Stage with about 6,000 people watching.  Last time I saw them was in St. Kilda about 1-2 years ago and I think there would have been 80 people watching them.   :-)  It was pretty cool seeing an Australian band in front of such a huge crowd.  I managed to get right down the front, I'll put up a directory of more photos soon.    
Nosferatu were then on in the Hanger.

mera-luna-lam-thumb.jpg (4536 bytes)Half way through Nosferatu was the mad dash back in sliding mud conditions to see London After Midnight who were on the Main Stage.  LAM had probably the best sound of all of the bands, closest to what you get on CD.  

Here is a show of the crowd in front of the Main Stage on the 2nd Day.mera-luna-crowd-day2-thumb.jpg (4038 bytes)  

After LAM on the Main Stage came Soft Cell & the headline for the festival HIM which we didn't really know (Him who?) very popular in Germany, basically a "pop" version of Goth Rock, they sound pretty good.

Scott, Anthony & Chris. mera-luna-scott-ikon-thumb.jpg (3557 bytes)

mera-luna-scott-douglas-david-thumb.jpg (5009 bytes)Food was provided in stalls back a bit from the main stage, there were quite a few beer tents as the festival was co-sponsored by Becks, mixed drinks were provided at tents called Bar Brazil, who had lists written in English (only) as for what you could order and German speaking bar staff.  :-)   Here is Douglas, David & Myself on the 2nd Day.


Mera Luna Festival Home Page - Links are up with pictures of the various bands.

Sonic Seducer Magazine presented the concert and put out a 2 CD set.   Heartland had copies for A$36 when I asked.


Bands Time Table - Full List of the bands that played.

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